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User Guide and Sign Up Form for the AGWM Media Hub

Welcome to the AGWM Media Hub, your church’s access point for all AGWM graphic and video content.

This site will give you access to:

Secure Access Requires membership — Sign Up

Web address:

(All data stored on this site, including user information, is protected by 
256-bit encryption.)

This HUB is secured by three layers of protection:

  1. Username and Password provided to the user by Hub administrator.
  2. Geographic Boundary of your church: The Hub may only be accessed within a short range of the GPS coordinates at the address of your church.
  3. Single Device Lock: Once accessed by the end user, the account is locked to the computer and browser that first signed in. This can be changed, but the church will have to contact the Hub administrator to do so, then login to the new computer using the previously provided username and password.

Other Programs in the Hub

Lobby Media Show
A one-screen or 3-screens video displaying that rotates monthly.

Instruction for lobby media show

Preview a few videos from the Lobby Media Show.