Your church’s access point for all AGWM video content.
AGWM Media Hub will give you access to:
  • Videos: Stream and download missions news and resourcing videos for all age groups.
  • Lobby Media Shows: Videos for use in lobby video systems. 
  • Missions Music: Music videos with a focus on missions.
  • Spanish and Closed Captioning supported on a large group of videos as well.

Secure Access: Requires membership for churches.

Quick Start Guide

Sign up for account

Choose one person from your church’s ministry team to be the point of contact for your church’s Media Hub account. We recommend a pastoral staff member, church office coordinator, or church IT director.

Click on the sign-up button below to sign up for the Media Hub access for your church. Fill in the form then submit it.

You will receive an email immediately acknowledging receipt of the sign-up. If you do not see the email, please check your email spam / junk folder.

Within 48 business hours, the point of contact on the account will receive an email with the sign-in credentials (Username and Password) from the Media Hub administrator.

After receiving the credentials

The same credentials can be used to log in up to 5 different computers in your church.

Go to the Media Hub sign-in page at or click on the Media Hub Site button below.

Sign in on the Media Hub page with the username and password provided by the Media Hub administrator.

View, playback or download desired video.

Suggestions and tips

Your church's Media Hub account point of contact should be someone who is knowledgeable about computers and software, computer files, and videos. Select someone who will be accessible for planning use of the Media Hub.

Up-to-date Macintosh and Windows computers and browsers are adequate for interacting with the Hub.

Sensitive videos can only be shown from the Media Hub interface, so you will need to play back the sensitive video from a computer in the main sanctuary media booth that is connected to the projector.

If you need further assistance or did not receive the credentials, click on the support button below and fill out the support request form.

Terms and Conditions

  • The video footage available on the Hub is licensed for use in videos promoting Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) and Assemblies of God missionaries only.
  • This footage may only be used as a part of a commercial product if created by an AGWM-recognized ministry or department.
  • This footage may not be resold or redistributed.
  • This limited permission does not imply transfer of copyright. All footage remains copyrighted by Assemblies of God World Missions.
  • Churches with Hub Memberships may use the videos for internal purposes only. This applies to the videos available for download as well as those that are only available for streaming. That is, Church services of any kind may use the videos.
  • Churches with Hub memberships may not post any of the videos to the web, blog pages, Facebook, or any other social media.

Because of the high level of security provided in the Hub, AGWM can make sensitive materials available to churches.

What is a GPH Number?

When ordering anything from the NLRC (National Leadership and Resource Center, formerly Headquarters) your church uses a designated GPH Number. GPH stands for Gospel Publishing House, and it was used for ordering supplies. Its use has been expanded to represent your specific church on church missionary statements and any transactions with the NLRC.

It is likely that your church accountant or anyone who orders supplies or manages your church's missionary statements would know this number.

Lobby Media Show Guide

Single-Screen Show

You will need…

  • A digital media player or an HDTV with a built-in media player

  • A standard HDMI cable

  • Any HDTV

  • Any USB thumb drive, or SD Card large enough to hold the media.

  • Lobby Media Show Single-Screen videos from AGWM (download from the Media Hub)

  • You can play one or all the videos once, or loop them for continuous play.

  • If you have any questions or issues, you might need to contact a local computer systems integrator.

Three-Screen Show

In addition to the instructions for a single-screen show, the 3-screen show may require additional hardware such as…

  • A PC or Macintosh using a multiple-screen hardware such as Matrox TripleHead2Go DP Edition video device to display on 3 HDTVs

  • Or, a PC or Macintosh with a video card that has at least 3 video ports or a Mini DV port to connect to and display on 3 HDTVs.

  • Make sure your video card has enough capacity to serve the videos. AGWM has no recommendations for a specific card. The wide variety of default video settings and video cards can't be specified or supported from here.

Once your system is in place and functioning, download Lobby Media Show Three-Screen videos from the Media Hub.