Quick-Start User’s Guide for the AGWM Media Hub

Quick-Start Guide

  1. Click Here to Sign Up using the form on this site.
    1. You will receive an email immediately to acknowledge receipt of the signup.
    2. Within a day or two, you will receive an email with sign-in credentials (Username and Password) from the Hub administrator.
  2. Select the person who will administer the Hub at your church.
  3. Designate the single computer that will access the Hub.
    • Only one computer at a time can be locked to the Hub resources.
    • If you need to change the single computer that is locked to the Hub, go to the Modify Hub Account page.
  4. Go to the Hub website:
  5. Sign in to the Hub with the Username and Password provided by the Hub administrator at AGWM Communications.
  6. View and download desired content.

You may have up to 3 Hub accounts in your church

  1. There are three types of accounts available:
    1. Administrator account has access to everything in the Hub. This is your initial account. (This is for a single computer only.)
    2. Video account has access only to the videos, but not to the Lobby Media Shows. (This is for a single computer only, different from the Admin account.)
    3. Missionary account has access only to the monthly Call to Prayer pages. (This is for a single computer only, different from the Admin and Video accounts.)
  2. The Administrator account is the only required account. Video and Missionary resources are both accessible from the Administrator account.
  3. Video and Missionary accounts only have access to their respective resources.
  4. If the church wishes either a Video only or Missionary only account, they can be requested at the Modify Hub Account page under the Sign Up menu above.

Suggestions for choosing your Hub Users and Computers

  1. For the Hub Administrator, choose someone who is knowledgable about computers and software, computer files, and videos, someone who will be accessible for planning of any phase of the Hub use.
  2. Modern, secure Macintosh and Windows computers and browsers are adequate for interacting with the Hub.
  3. Once the Hub computer and browser are selected for any of the accounts, going to the address will automatically sign the user in. Your Hub Administrator would need to brief any other users of the Hub on its use on the single computer/browser combination that is locked to the hub.
  4. Sensitive videos can only be shown from the Hub interface, so you might wish to add a Video Account in the main sanctuary projection computer.