Installing the World Missions Touchscreen

Sponsored by Assemblies of God World Missions

Setting Up the World Missions Touchscreen:

  1. Set up your computer for touch monitor operation.
  2. Set up your browser for full screen operation.
  3. Since this program requires the use of Cookies (small files we put in your browser memory) you will need to be sure they are turned on. Test your browser's cookie function:
    Test Cookie Function
  4. You will be taken through a sign-up procedure.
    • Preview and choose a selection of Touchscreen programs.
    • Provide user information.
    • Open and Save the Instructions file now:
    • Keep the information provided in the email we send to you. It contains helpful links and information about your account.
    • Set up your browser to use the Touchscreen.
  5. Test the touchscreen operation for a few weeks, (if you have time), to make sure it is working correctly.
  6. Make the Touchscreen available for public use.

When you are ready to go live after having demonstrated the program for yourself during a test phase, you will have already selected and installed the appropriate touch monitor, and are working with the Chrome browser set to full screen operation.

To begin the final setup procedure, click the button below:

  1. Preview the different Touchscreen programs.
  2. Select the touchscreen programs you wish to see in your final display, and enter your personal information.
  3. Also choose this button if your first year has passed and you are making a selection for the new year.
Final Setup Procedure